Install Garageband For Windows


Garageband for Windows is efficient and fairly simple to get on your cell phone. However, in case it does not do the trick for you, there are various apps you may take recourse to. Make certain to try MixCraft and Audiotool particularly, to have an idea on exactly how great the program can be. So I hope now you can have the ability to get Garageband Download on you PC easily.

Garageband isn't only for men and women that enjoy music as their hobby or passion. The program is designed in such a way that professionals may also use its facilities to make new music, especially while recording in the studio or playing it in front of a massive audience.

Without a doubt, there are those who would like to learn music after attempting their thoughts on GarageBand, but sadly, the application doesn't deal with that. Moreover, people do not have to be trained artist to perform on Garageband, its smart technology, and extraordinary tool collection permit you to play unlimited tunes.

Even though the program is originally not available on platforms other than iOS, we've given you interesting ways to enjoy GarageBand App for PC. If you find this manual helpful, consider sharing it with your circles. If there are any doubts, just tell us in comments.




Living a healthy life and staying fit has become a challenging task in our world today. The increased use of mobile phones and devices by most health practitioners has improved health care services. Diverse technological advancements have emerged over the past few decades to help maintain good health. These development has led to the rapid rise in the creation of software applications for all mobile platforms. Apps are the most common technological health tool used by many people to live a healthy lifestyle. These apps will motivate you to use your phone in such a way that is beneficial to your health. You will be able to monitor your fitness training exercise and achieve your weight goal.

You can achieve this anywhere you go because it is on your mobile device. Note that these apps won't perform the main tasks for you but they will help in numerous ways possible. These apps were developed to encourage you to live a healthy life. Some apps will encourage you to eat healthy foods, some will motivate you to exercise your body to keep fit while others will encourage you to lose excess body fat and weight. These apps are free and easy to download on all Mobile phone platforms to help you stay healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. There are lots of useful free health apps which are of great benefit to your health, but here are a few of them:

JogTracker 1.0.4

JogTracker is an android app developed to help people who walk, jog, run, cycle etc. calculate their average speed using the recorded distance covered and time taken. It can keep record of your location using GPS (Ground Positioning System) and measure distance covered in kilometres or miles. It also uses Google Maps to display your path and help you rediscover your route. JogTracker is an interesting app that is useful for monitoring your progress and keeps record of your workout history and relevant measurements online.


SportyPal keeps track of outdoor exercises like skiing, cycling, running, riding on horseback and hiking. It records your location and displays it on GoogleMap. It also measures your average speed, distance covered, burnt calories, pace and tempo. It gives good statistical and graphical representation of your activities and you can easily share them on Facebook or Twitter. SportyPal is perhaps the most common free Android health app.

Buddy Runner

Buddy Runner is one of the strongest android health apps for those involved in activities such as running. It measures distance covered, time taken to complete the exercise, pace, running paths and many more. Your exercise information and statistics can be saved and used for future purposes. It allows you to also share your workout records and history with friends on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Buddy Runner also connects you to other runners often referred to a buddies.


CardioTrainer is an interesting app developed with amazing features. It is not created only for runners but also for those who want to lose excess weight and keep fit.
It is useful for both outdoor and indoor exercises especially for those living in cold climate region who might find outdoor workouts challenging. It keeps record of burnt calories, time taken and distance covered. CardioTrainer can also give you audio notification at a set time to encourage your performances.



WeightPad is a simple and easy to use android health app that measures your body weight using your daily diet and absorbed calories. It calculates the user's body weight by calculating the body mass index (BMI) and calories absorbed from the amount and type of food consumed.

Calorie Counter

Calorie counter is a friendly and simple app which offers special features such as workout records, nutritional information, healthy diets, weight logs and journals. Its homepage displays sum total of daily calorie intake and gives a breakdown of other food components such as protein, fats and carbohydrates.


Lightning Bug – Sleep Clock


Lightning bug is unlike the usual free android health app.  It is a sound app designed with many features for better relaxation and good sleep. It includes features such as alarm clock, multiple sound effects, sleep timer, ability to combine sounds and sound timing among others.  It helps to utilize relaxation time, naps and sleeping periods with relaxing sounds. You can customize your wake up time with any sound you desire.

First Aid

First Aid app is a health app that helps to develop life saving techniques and respond to daily emergency.  It provides easy and detailed life saving method useful for dealing with emergency health situations.

It also features health and safety facts for all forms of emergencies with videos and pictorial displays to enhance your life saving capabilities. You can freely access its loaded health and safety tips anywhere without connecting to the internet.


Epocrate is one of the oldest medical app which serves as reference to most pharmaceutical drugs and medical prescriptions.  This is an Android app  that is designed to provide informations about drugs to health care practitioners and everyone.  It is commonly known for its wide drug information database.  It contains several informations such as dosage, interactions, contraindications, side effects etc.  about any prescribed medicine.

Menstrual Calendar

Menstrual Calendar is an Android app that records your menstrual date and predicts your next period depending on your previous records and menstrual cycle.  These informations can be used to determine your health status. Records of your menstrual flow, menstrual cycle and other menstrual related symptoms can be an indication of other health issues.  Menstrual Calendar predicts your menstrual date, fertility days, tracks signs and symptoms, weight, mood and body temperature.

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