How To Use iMessage On PC, Windows Or MAC 100% Working

Apple being a world leader in developing latest software has come up with one more amazing tool. It is the imessage that we shall talk about here that lets you enjoy host of chatting options in the most promising manner. No matter, it is the iphone or ipad, you can easily send these entertaining messages in an unprecedented way.

What is iMessage?

iMessage is an instant messaging service which is the product of Apple Inc and is quite a multitasker in its own way. This messaging platform is supported by iOS 5 and later versions of the operating system. iMessage is also workable on OS X Mountain Lion and later versions. This messaging facility was launched in the year 2011 and since then it has been used increasingly on a wide scale.

The operating system in which iMessage works

This app is quite workable on the operating systems which are as follows:

Presently this app is workable and is actively serving to the needs of people. But what makes iMessage really amazing! Let us see everything about this app from this guide.

Download Imessage on PC

You can also use iMessage through your PC in order to enjoy greater flexibility. We have come up with two methods for using iMessage for PC.

First method:

  1. Arrange a Mac with iMessage and Windows PC
  2. Download chrome and chrome remote desktop on both of computers
  3. After installation, click on launch app
  4. Download and install remote chrome on your Mac
  5. Through the code, connect both the computers

Now enjoy the imessage easily on your devices. The other method lets you install the imessage on your PC but here you will be doing it through iPad.

Second method:

  1. Get the iPadian emulator
  2. Install the .exe file on your PC
  3. Run the emulator
  4. Accept the terms of services
  5. After installation, launch the iPadian software on the computer
  6. Search for imessages on the search bar

After completing the above procedure, you can use iMessage on your computer.

Download and Install iMessage for mac:

You can also set the imessages on your Mac also. Just follow the procedure stated below for using this Apple messaging app on Mac:

After completing the above procedure set the phone number and email address. Your conversations will start via these details. Make sure all the contact details you provide are correct. This will save you from any trouble in setting up the conversations at a later stage. iMessage lets you enjoy a wholesome conversation. You can click and send pictures to your phone and make the conversation more colorful!