Psiphon for Android - The Internet Freedom VPN APK Download

Some countries like Cuba, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Vietnam has a ban on some sites. The internet in those countries is censored and people are banned from watching some sites and government will always be monitoring the usage of the internet by their citizens. This has literally banned the freedom of expression of citizens. An open source tool had made it easy to surf on the internet in those countries where the internet is censored. It began a revolution in the countries where there is a sensor on the internet. Citizens of those countries now can surf anything that they want on the internet without any limitations.

What is Psiphon Apk?

A large number of people doesn’t know anything about Psiphon. It is an open source tool which helps people to browse through any website without any censorship. It turns your computer into a proxy server and connects the user or users you want to give access. It uses technologies like VPN, SSH, and HTTP proxy.  Psiphon was established in 2007 in Ontario. One can download Psiphon on Android or Windows and browse through it. There will be an encrypted connection between Psiphon client and server which cannot be intercepted. If you know any person who cannot visit any site or page, then you can share your Psiphon server address with them and they can browse the pages that are banned for them to see. Psiphon allows its users to use different accounts and all accounts will be protected by passwords.

Psiphon also gives you extra protection while you are browsing on public Wi-Fi. The architecture used in Psiphon is single hop architecture.The size of Psiphon is also very less, it is 4.7 MB on windows,  7.9 MB on Android,  28 MB on IOS. It occupies very less space, reliable and very useful.

How to use Psiphon?

Here is the step by step procedure for using Psiphon

Advantages of  Psiphon

There are a lot of advantages of Psiphon.


Psiphon is helping millions of people living in many countries where there is a ban over sites and internet is censored. It updates the servers frequently so that there won’t be any problem when the organizations get to know those proxy servers are used. Right to information and Freedom of Expression is every human being the basic right and due to some governments and some reasons, millions of people can’t get them. Psiphon is a life saver for all those people and yes it is giving freedom of surfing to everyone.